SenCash Benefits

SenCash is both an incentive program for patients and a communication tool for parents and patients. For patients, it is an incentive for good brushing, not breaking appliances, good grades, and community service to name a few. For parents and patients, it is a way to know what procedures were performed at each appointment, hygiene, and when treatment is expected to be completed.

Here’s How to Play the Game!

Get 1 Buck for each of the following:

  • Keep your regularly scheduled appointment.
  • Arrive on time.
  • Good oral hygiene. We grade what we see. Your teeth must be clean when seated.
  • Nothing loose or broken. (This means brackets, bands, removable appliances, etc.)
  • Wearing your Sencak Orthodontics T-shirt to your appointment.

Extra Credit

Get 5 Bucks for each of the following:

  • Get good grades. You must make all A’s or B’s. (Bring us your report card and show us)
  • Proof of Community Service or anything you do to better the community around you. (Please write what you did on the “Read what I did!” form and bring it to your appointment)
  • Send your friends to our office. Be sure they tell us you referred them. (To be awarded after their new patient exam)
  • If Dr. Sencak or any team member sees you in public during non-office hours with your Sencak Orthodontics shirt on.
  • Visit your family dentist for your regular six month check-up and cleaning. (Bring your “Proof of Checkup” form back, signed and dated by your dentist or dental hygienist)

And Now the Fine Print…

  1. Points are only given at regularly scheduled appointments.
  2. Walk-in or “special visits” do not apply.
  3. The number of points you earn at each appointment is up to you.
  4. The prizes may change from time to time and larger prizes are ordered at the time of "purchase.”
  5. Your SenCash is your responsibility. If you lose them, like real dollars, they are gone.
  6. The game ends once you complete treatment.

Trade Them in for Great Prizes!

3 Bucks

  • Squishie
  • Sencak Orthodontics Pencil

5 Bucks

  • Compass Keychain
  • Hacky Sack Ball

10 Bucks

  • Dairy Queen - $3 gift card

15 Bucks

  • Dunkin Donuts - $5 gift card
  • Five Below - $5 gift card
  • Sheetz - $5 gift card

30 Bucks

  • Panera Bread - $10 gift card
  • Walmart - $10 gift card
  • iTunes- $10 gift card
  • Starbucks - $10 gift card

45 Bucks

  • Barnes & Noble - $15 gift card
  • Best Buy - $15 gift card
  • Dicks Sporting Goods - $15 gift card
  • Game Stop - $15 gift card
  • Old Navy - $15 gift card
  • Justice - $15 gift card
  • American Eagle - $15 gift card
  • Target - $15 gift card

75 Bucks

  • Applebee’s - $25 gift card
  • Panera Bread - $25 gift card
  • Amazon - $25 gift card

150 Bucks

  • Amazon- $50 gift card
  • Visa Master Card - $50 gift card

300 Bucks

  • Southern Park Mall  - $100 gift card